EC2 Saba wins Apple of Orange

Oranje Fonds - Stefan van der Kamp

June 1, 2021

The  team of EC2 is one of the three winners of the  Appeltjes van Oranje 2021. The Apples  are awarded annually by the OranjeFonds ( to three social initiatives that ensure that people can participate in society. This year, the Appeltjes went to three institutions that are committed to contribute to mental strength.

We won this award for the "Ways to Wellbeing" initiative, which contributes to participation of all children in education on Saba by making them more resilient. Some kids may be vulnerable because of: trauma after the hurricane, poverty issues, family displacement, Corona pandemic, isolation, bullying, or learning disabilities.

The use of positive teaching strategies and tailor-made programs enables students to follow regular education as much as possible, in the absence of special facilities for this target group.

EC2 Celebrates 10 Years

EC2 recently hosted a special event to mark the organization’s tenth anniversary, to celebrate receiving the “Appltje van Oranje” award (“Orange Apple award”), to bid farewell to six team members and to welcome six new ones.

Queen Máxima shows much interest in work of EC2 Saba

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The Daily Herald - January 14, 2022


Queen Máxima paid a virtual visit to Saba’s Expertise Centre Education Care EC2 on Thursday. Officials of EC2 and the Oranje Fund, parents and students participated in an animated, open talk with the Queen.


EC2 won an Orange Apple (“Appeltje van Oranje”) of the Oranje Fund last year for its Ways to Wellbeing project, which offers comprehensive support to vulnerable students to improve their mental well-being.


Ways to Wellbeing was initiated after Hurricane Irma in 2017 to boost the resilience of Saba students, and during the current COVID-19 pandemic it has shown many benefits for children and youngsters in need of special care. EC2 has about 50 participants and plays a cardinal role in Saba’s educational system since there is no special needs school.