The CART gets together monthly in support of the schools' Care Coordinators. At times we invite guest speakers or discuss a topic pertaining to youth health or after-school activities.


From top left to bottom right: LeShayne  Charles (Personal Education Assistant), Rayann Ramdin (Youth Development Specialist) Esmeralda van Hoek (Speech & Language Therapist), Lonneke Schut (Care Coordinator SRF), Jet van Heijnsbergen (Director EC2 + Education Coach), Jenneke van Bussel (Public Health Nurse),  Lisa Langerak (Project Leader Special Education), Carol Irvine-Skinner (Care Coordinator SCS), Ann-Marie Blaise (Care Coordinator SHS), Noemi Claire Mandolado (Personal Education Assistant)

Missing from the picture are: Monique Wilson (JGCN), D'Antoinette Sorton (Occupational Therapy), Marlene de  Regt (Head Department of Community Development)

The Care Advice & Referral Team (CART) consists of the school Care Coordinators, Youth Health Care Nurse, Representative of the Island Social Unit, the Youth Doctor, the ZJCN, and the EC2 team members combined. This group meets monthly to discuss the services for students with special needs, and other topics that may arise. The CCs of the schools can share concerns and ideas. Intervision is offered, experiences are shared and decisions are made on assessment and treatment of students. 

The CART explores which additional support can be given to further assist the student, teachers and parents and who will take care of that. Out of the CART-participants a coordinator for that specific student will be chosen, usually the person who is actively involved with the student

Dates for CART meetings 2021 - 2022 are:

-September 21                 -October 19

-November 23                  -January 18

-February 15                     -March 22

-April 19                             -May 24

-June 21