The Expertise Center Education Care (EC2) was established in 2011

to provide external education care for the schools on Saba.

picture: Cees Timmers for Saba Tourist Office 


The mission of EC2 is derived from

its goals and pedagogical framework: 

It is the  misson of EC2 to offer a coherent system of education care services that faciilitates uninterrupted development for all students by using their strengths and talents. 

The vision of the EC2 is inspired by the education laws for the Dutch Caribbean: 

By 2019 EC2 aims to have achieved a safe learning environment for students within the inclusive school system on Saba and at EC2, 

  • -   in which students who need a specialized approach and their teachers can build on their strengths and talents; 
  • -   with  the support of multidisciplinary intervision;
  • -   according to result-oriented planning.


​​​​​​​Striving for continuity

in education care, EC2 applies the Action-Oriented Approach. All stakeholders in education care can apply this approach in working with students. The specialists use it in their diagnostic reports, based on which the Care Coordinators and teachers make the Individual Education Plans  (IEPs). The parents formulate their positive contribution for the IEP. The teachers can apply it in their planning, be it for individual or group activities. In daycare it is applied in interaction between caregivers and children and in observation techniques and reports.


The Care Advice & Referral Team

consists of the schools' Care Coordinators (CC) and the EC2 experts combined. This group meets monthly to discuss the students with special needs, or other topics that may arise. The CCs of the schools can share concerns and ideas. Intervision is offered, experiences are shared and decisions are made on assessment and treatment of students. The CART allocates specific support for each student submitted. 

Before the CART can decide on a certain approach, it is of crucial importance that the school submits data on the student by means of a completed EC2 intake form and an action-oriented report. 


Learning should be fun for your child. It is a skill with life-long value, so we best make learning enjoyable. In the phase of understanding your child, we try to detect his/her talents and strengths. Parents know exactly what their child likes. The teachers give us information on what they need to learn. And at EC2 we combine both. We check the preferred learning style with Howard Gardner’s Model of Multiple Intelligences. Gardner suggests 7 different types of intelligences and 3 additional aptitudes. The outcome can help us and the teachers in addressing a student with the approach that suits best. It can also give an indication of how to prepare for tests and how to plan homework, suggesting that information is more readily understood and memorized when taught according to this modality.

Capability and perception

  • words and language
  • logic and numbers
  • music, sound, rhythm
  • body movement control
  • images and space
  • other people's feelings
  • self-awareness
  • natural environment
  • religion
  • ethics, humanity, value of life


Mr. Pepper, our testing assistant

Welcome to EC2!

EC2 is a cheerful center, with a meeting room and private space for counseling and therapy. We have a variety of materials available, as well as tests and games.

The center has a small kitchen that allows for simple cooking activities. Our library contains books you can borrow on many topics.


We invite you to check out our Facebook page for news and events, and YouTube channel for the EC2 TV-programs: