100% learning for all 


The EC2 team works with and for pupils of 3-24 years old who experience issues with behavior, learning, communication, physical, and/or social-emotional development. They can be enrolled in the Laura Linzey Daycare Center (LLDC), the Sacred Heart Primary School (SHS), the Saba Comprehensive School (SCS), or the Social Opportunity Pathway for Youngsters (SKJ). The total number of students on Saba is approximately 300. 

When a school’s Care Coordinator requests our assistance, EC2 can:

-        Offer ambulatory guidance to the teacher and possibly parents of a student with a specific need;

-        Offer specialized, supportive activities to students with special needs during and after school;

-        Facilitate professionalization of stakeholders within the school;

-        Observe the student and give recommendations;

-        Perform action-oriented diagnostics with practical tips for home and school;

-        Support the parents at home;

-        Give counseling to the student;

-        Facilitate and demonstrate the shift from curriculum-centered to student-centered teaching /learning;

-        Develop a guidance plan and progress report per term for each student in our care;

-        Invite parents and care Coordinator to discuss the reports twice a year: in January and June.

It is important to know that the legal guideline aims for students to follow education in their peer group as much as possible. Although a student may come for sessions at EC2 regularly, he or she is registered with the school and spends most time there. First goal is therefore always to empower the teacher. 


Jet van Heijnsbergen

Director and Education Coach

Claire Mandolado

Personal Education Assistant

Anne Keene

​​​​​​​After School Activities Leader

Jessie Voermans

Developmental Psychologist and Behavior Coach

Carmencita Chemont

Clinical Psychologist

Ron Lemstra

Ambulatory Guidance Officer

Daniela Mosquera

Personal Education Assistant

Camille Ferrari

Speech & Language Therapist

Errol Bent

Remedial Motor Trainer


From top left to bottom right: Jetty Martens (Public Health Youth Nurse), Jet van Heijnsbergen (Director EC2 + Education Coach), Jarmila Berkel (Care Coordinator SHS), Ron Lemstra (Ambulatory Guidance Officer EC2), Camille Ferrari (Speech & Language Therapist), Jessie Voermans (Child & Adolescent Psychologist EC2). Missing from the picture are: Carmencita Chemont (Clinical Psychologist), Margaret Child (Care Coordinator LLDCC), Aimee Thielman (member SRF).


The board members of the foundation EC2 Saba each represent a school and are mandated to make decisions on behalf the board they represent. As such, the board functions as a Samenwerkingsverband. The board is legally responsible for all actions of EC2. The board meets every 6 weeks on matters pertaining to policy and management. Current board members are:


Gied Mommers, representing the Saba Educational Foundation


Pamela Meijvogel, representing the Stichting Katholiek Onderwijs Saba


Floor Burghgraef, representing the Saba Reach Foundation