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Welcome to the EC2 website!
The Expertise Center Education Care (EC2) was established on Saba in 2011. The EC2 was set up according to Dutch guidelines to provide education care to all children and youth aged 0-24.

What is our purpose?
We don’t have a school for specialized education on Saba. Yet, the EC2 serves as
a support center to meet the needs of students, teachers and parents. You’re welcome at the EC2 with questions on development, learning, behavior and parenting. This website takes you into the structure and content of the education care system on Saba.

Child Focused LearningThe care system has been developed over the past years and will continue in the future as the education laws for the Dutch Caribbean are implemented.

It is our goal to initiate and provide continuity in specialized support to the schools.

Students, teachers and parents in the Dutch Caribbean are entitled to high quality
education care. The EC2 of Saba offers support in areas such as:

Social-emotional skills;

Learning ability;

Parent information;

Workshops for Guidance Officers;
Speech & communication;

Physical development;

Child behavior;

Teaching strategies.


Sacred Heart School St. John's SabaBased in St. John's on Saba

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